Beachcombing Volume 37: July/August 2023


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Volume 37: July/August 2023

This issue features stories inspired by three beachcombing celebrations: World Rock Day on July 13th, Shark Awareness Day on July 14th, and National Lighthouse Day August 7th. We’ll take you shark fossil hunting in Florida, show off favorite lighthouses from our readers, and hit the Oregon Coast looking for agates. You’ll also get a look at an awesome sea glass and seashell collection from a beachcomber in the Outer Banks and get a photo checklist of all the shells (and more!) found on Outer Banks beaches. Learn about albino shells and beach destinations like Curaçao and the Mediterranean island of Malta. And there’s more from our global community of shellers, glassers, mudlarks, and collectors.

Inside this issue

  • Shark Egg Cases
  • Wish You Were Here, Shelley Thomas
  • Lighting the Way, Kirsti Scott
  • Lighthouse Cruise, Holly L’Hommedieu
  • Message in a Bottle Myths, Clint Buffington
  • The Ultimate Checklist for the OBX, Tiffany Meekins
  • Malta Through Sea Glass Eyes, Maureen Wyer
  • Whiteout on the Beach, Rodie Kaiser
  • Destination: Curaçao, Kristin Batista
  • Combining Passions, Kate Wiseman
  • Sculpted by the Waves and Fabulous Finds, Lucy Tapper
  • Rockhounding the Oregon Coast, Toby Neal
  • Ethical Shelling, Kristen Williams
  • Lighthouse Love, Favorite lighthouses from beachcombers around the world
  • Combing in Currituck, Heidi and Ted Blake
  • Finding Balance at the Beach, Linda Cosio
  • Upcoming Events
  • Sea Glass Search Contest

On the cover: Wentletrap shell on the beach in Florida by Shelley Thomas