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By Cindy Bilbao

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Grab a stack of these new books before you head to the beach! Fiction, reference, and children’s books for everyone to enjoy.

beach fossils book

A Beachcomber’s Guide to Fossils

by Bob Gale, Pam Gale, Ashby Gale

Contains detailed descriptions of more than 300 fossil specimens found on beaches from Texas to Florida to New Jersey. Includes extensive photographs and information to help beachcombers identify their own finds along with hints about how to look for such treasures.

the book of selkie

The Book of Selkie: A Paper Doll Book

by artist Briana Corr Scott

Sometimes known as “seal folk,” the legendary selkie lives in the North Atlantic and likes to remain very private. But when selkies get restless they take on their seal forms and swim out to sea. In this book, you can find out what they eat, where they live, and how they spend time when on dry land. This magical book features a paper doll, clothes, and a seal.

florida fossil shell teeth guide

Florida Fossil Shark Teeth Identification Guide

by Robert L. Fuqua

Hunting for fossilized shark’s teeth is a popular hobby in Florida. This guidebook is designed to help you determine the origin of any teeth you find.

lost and found time tide treasures book

Lost And Found: Time, Tide and Treasures

by Amy Heller and Gail Browne

The harbor in Provincetown, Massachusetts, is the source of an extensive collection of artifacts discovered during many beachcombing outings. Six contemporary artists/beachcombers have curated their finds for this fascinating book containing beautiful, artistic photos. Interviews with each artist are included along with the art created out of and inspired by their beach treasures. Beachcombers, historians, artists, and coastal New England fans will be entertained.

the mermaid handbook

The Mermaid Handbook: A Guide To the Mermaid Way Of Life, Including Recipes, Folklore and More

by author Taylor Widrig and artist Briana Corr Scott

Contains profiles of mermaids from around the world complete with folklore about each maiden. Also included are over 40 healthy recipes and tips for ocean preservation. This book is a must-have if you are fascinated with mermaids.

Miss Colfax's Light

Miss Colfax’s Light

by author Aimee Bissonette and illustrator Eileen Ryan Ewen

This is a true story about Harriet Colfax, who was the keeper of Michigan City Lighthouse during a time when there were very few female lightkeepers. The story highlights her struggle against severe storms and biting cold weather, and her determination to accomplish her sometimes seemingly impossible responsibilities. Young readers ages 6-9 years old will find it fascinating and very interesting. A true learning experience!

Mother Beach book

Mother Beach

by Patricia Merski

Walk along the shoreline to visit an old friend, Mother Beach, and search for treasures. Written in an easy rhythm, this charming poem will bring back memories of past beach explorations and honors a lifetime of memories of beachcombing along the shores of Lake Erie. This book is illustrated with beautiful washes of watercolor by Chanda Patel.

mudlark london history book

Mudlark: In Search Of London’s Past Along The River Thames

by Lara Maiklem

Mudlark Lara Maiklem treks the shores of the Thames uncovering artifacts, some dating back to AD 43. Read along as she searches for the historical significance of these objects. It’s a fascinating perspective of London’s history.

my mommy my mama my brother and me

My Mommy, My Mama, My Brother And Me: These Are The Things We Found By The Sea

by author Natalie Meisner and illustrator Mathilde Cinq-Mars

A charming children’s story based on her own two-mom, two-son family growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada, finding many interesting treasures on the beach and the people they meet along the way. Filled with beautiful atmospheric illustrations, this book captures the magic of family togetherness.

my way of shelling book

My Way Of Shelling

by Amanda Collett

Go along with Amanda as she shares her shelling adventures in Florida with readers. Here she shares the shelling tips she has learned through her years of beachcombing, including how to properly clean shells and how to identify them. Includes beautiful photos of her amazing finds as well as the gorgeous artwork she creates with shells from her extensive collection.

beachcomber's guide to northwest

The New Beachcomber’s Guide To The Pacific Northwest

by J. Duane Sept

This informative guidebook shares up-to-date information about the best beachcombing sites in the Pacific Northwest and when to visit them. Reference guide to the hundreds of species found in that area.

ocean anatomy book

Ocean Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces Of The World Under The Sea

by Julia Rothman

Through this best-selling illustrator’s artwork, enjoy exploration of the watery universe. Includes interesting information about why the sea is salty and the phenomena of rogue waves. Explore the lives of sea creatures and other curiosities. Will entertain readers of all ages.

seaham sea marbles

The Peblsrock Pocket Guide To Seaham Sea Marbles: Lost, Tossed And Found

by Paula Newman

Here you will find information about the various marble varieties found on beaches on and around Seaham, England, and ways to assess your marble finds. The guide is pocket sized and designed to travel with you for reference when you go beachcombing.

seaham and beyond book

Sea Glass Hunter’s Guide To Seaham And Beyond

by Jing Cheng

Jing Cheng takes readers on an expedition to beaches in the North East Coast of England. Provides detailed information about where and what you can expect to find and how to identify your treasures. Contains GPS coordinates and a beautiful map.

the sea stories crafts trivia book

The Sea: Stories, Trivia, Crafts and Recipes Inspired By The World’s Best Shorelines, Beaches and Oceans

by Isobel Carlson

This book is packed with a variety of interesting information centered around the sea. It includes everything from trivia, marine exploration and history, crafts, recipes, myths, camping, fossil hunting, and building beach bonfires—there’s something for everyone!

sharing joy's treasures book

Sharing Joy’s Treasures

by Christine Robinson

A great-grandfather passed down his shell collection to his great-granddaughter. During a move to a new home, the author discovers written letters that tell a fascinating story about the shell collection’s origin: a missionary living in Jamaica in the early 1800s. Follow the shells and their fascinating story.

thames mudlarking london's lost treasures

Thames Mudlarking: Searching For London’s Lost Treasures

by Jason Sandy, Nick Stevens

Jason Sandy is a mudlark, lecturer, and author who has teamed up with renowned photographer Nick Stevens to bring you this visual book that delves into London’s history based upon the treasures mudlarks have uncovered from the shore of the River Thames. Those who are new to mudlarking will find this book fascinating.

where i find my sea glass book

Where I Find My Sea Glass, Beachcombing In Nova Scotia

by Kristina Noel

Chronicles areas that yield sea glass in Nova Scotia. Offers tips on how to get started, where to look and what to look for. Filled with beautiful photography.

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