Japanese Sea Glass

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christina sawka reverse.gem japanese sea glass history

Japan is an island nation rich in culture and history. In Christina's talk, you'll learn about Japanese sea glass and fishing floats, including their origins, markings, patterns, and symbolism. This presentation will serve to help those interested to dive into the world of Japanese craftsmanship and its interaction with the waves of the ocean.

Japan’s reverse gems: A closer look at gems that are man-made but nature-refined in Japan

This video was part of the 2020 Virtual Beachcombing Festival.

Christina Sawka

Australian born, Philippine raised, and now living in Japan. Christina has always loved the beach and all the gems it has to offer. With her beachcombing love in Japan, she continues to learn about Japanese maritime antiques, glass and pottery design, and history. She is the founder of Reverse.Gem, a coastal lifestyle brand with a passion for beachcombing solutions.

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