Welcome to the Virtual Beachcombing Festival Collectors Area!

Take a moment to view collections of beachcombers from around the world below. You can also visit exhibitor booths and learn about our speaker lineup for June 20th. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to apply to share your collection for the festival.

beachcombing festival exhibits

Beach-Found Beads from the collection of Mary T. McCarthy Tilghman MD, USA. As a beachcomber and mudlarker for over 20 years, one of Mary McCarthy’s favorite things to collect are beads that can be found at the coastal landfills where she often hunts. The source of beach beads is often jewelry or fishing lines. Whether glass or plastic, it’s good to collect these from shorelines to keep them from being ingested by sea life and birds. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Articles

Great Lakes Glowers  Kenosha WI, USA. Fluorescent Sodalite and Beach Glass from adventures around the Great Lakes. FacebookInstagramGreat Lakes Beach Glass Collective

How to Decorate with Your Beach Finds Sendai, Japan Great ideas for using your beachcombing treasures in your home décor year round. Australian born, Philippine raised and now living in Japan, Christina Sawka has always loved the beach and all the gems it has to offer.  With her beachcombing love in Japan, she continues to learn about Japanese maritime antiques, glass and pottery design and history. She is the founder of Reverse.Gem, a coastal lifestyle brand with a passion for beachcombing solutions. Facebook | Instagram

Florida Seashells from the collection of Jaime Sawczyn Jacksonville FL, USA. Jaime is a sheller from Jacksonville, Florida. Her shelling adventures are about every three months, when she takes tours down in Southwest Florida to the 10,000 Islands to shell with Treasure Seekers Shelling. She has a huge collection now, and still tries to make it to the beach several times a week. Her soul sister calls her the Martha Stewart of Shelling. Jaime's collection is from all up and down the Coast of West Florida, the Florida Keys, and Southwest Florida. Etsy Shop Email

Tiny Seashell Museum on the Sea of Cortez Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. Take a quick visit to Naomi Black's tiny seashell museum, which houses her privately owned seashell collection. She finds her seashells where the Sonoran Desert meets the sea, about an hour south of the Arizona border. She welcomes local youth groups and visitors from around the world, plus she has a traveling exhibit she can take on the road. Website | Instagram

Sea Glass Stoppers from the Collection of Fiona Dart  Tasmania, Australia.

Fiona was born and has lived all her life in Tasmania, an isolated state off Australia’s south coast. She is lucky enough to spend her days beachcombing, gardening, traveling, and caravanning. She has an exceptional collection of sea glass stoppers that she has found on the beaches of Tasmania. Her mission for finding sea treasures is her daily obsession. Instagram | Articles

Beach-found Toys from the readers of Beachcombing Tilghman MD, USA. What an incredible collection of beach-found toys and games! Our readers have found everything from marbles to dominos to ohajiki to Victorian soldier figurines and more. 

Beach Fossils from the readers of Beachcombing Beautiful photos of beach fossils submitted to Beachcombing Magazine by beachcombers around the world.

Beachcombing Display Ideas from the readers of Beachcombing Finding treasures on the beach is just half the fun of beachcombing. The other half is coming up with ways to organize, store, and show off your collection! From bowls to jars to bottles and more, there are plenty of stylish ways to serve up your bling. Beach finds look great organized in trays, shelves, frames, and more. To make your treasures really shine, just give them a spot in the sun!

Share your collection at the festival

We are looking for collectors who want to share some of their collection with festivalgoers. Collector booths are free. To build your collector booth, all we need are high-resolution horizontal photos and/or videos of your whole collection, select groupings, and some of your favorites. We then assemble them into a video like those above and post them here in the collectors area.

We hope to attract a variety of beachcombers from around the world who share their beach finds with festivalgoers. Visitors can come to your booth and play a video that shows some of your best beachcombing finds. 

Check out 6 Photo Tips for how to take your photos and videos ›

Collector Application Form

Please complete the form below by May 25, 2020, and include the following information in the message box:

  1. Type of collection (e.g., Beach-Found Marbles, Florida Seashells, Petoskey Stones, Sea Pottery, etc.)
  2. Your name
  3. Your location

We will contact you if we can include your collection in the festival. Thanks!