Oceancombing for treasure: Ocean Safety Tips

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Oceancombing for treasure ~ Ocean Safety Tips

Underneath the water is a whole new world of hunting for Sea Glass and empty shells. It’s not without its dangers though when you combined currents, waves, changing tides and rising swells. It can be done safety by knowing your limits. We will explore some lifesaving techniques and tips to make this underwater search more enjoyable. 

kailua designs jj caldwell with husband pat caldwell

This video was part of the 2020 Virtual Beachcombing Festival.

JJ and Pat Caldwell


Pat & JJ Caldwell both grew up in the Pacific where they have a combined 95 years of ocean experience. Both were ocean lifeguards in Hawai’i and California. Pat was one of the first professional bodyboarders in the sport starting in the 1980s where he was known especially for his big wave riding skills. Pat worked as Supervising State Park Peace Officer Lifeguard with California State Parks for many years where he taught ocean safety. JJ was one of the first women bodyboarders in the emerging sport in the 80s and was a competitive ocean swimmer. Both love to spend time free diving for empty sea shells and Seaglass are competitive with each other over who found the best item that day. Facebook | Instagram

No live shelling: Be sure shells are empty and sand dollars, sea stars, and sea urchins are no longer alive before you bring them home.

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