Make a Flower Pot Lighthouse

flower pot lighthouse craft how to tutorial

By Phyllis Ford


supplies to make a lighthouse from flower pots

Some of these supplies are optional, depending on how you want to style your lighthouse.

  • Two or three different sized terra cotta/clay flowerpots for lighthouse tower
  • Pot saucer for base
  • Extra small plant saucer and plant pot for lighthouse topper
  • Small round, sphere, and half-sphere wooden pieces for lighthouse topper
  • Stones, sea glass, seashells, rope, or other seaside finds
  • Permanent glue—Your choice depends on whether your lighthouse will be inside or out. Some options: hot glue, epoxy, E6000.
  • Acrylic or waterproof paints (if using outside) and/or waterproof spray
  • Paint brushes and mixing tray/paper plates
  • Permanent markers to add details
  • Battery-operated tea light, marble, tea light/votive candle, or solar garden/pathway light.


lighthouse made from flowerpot step by step

  1. Thoroughly clean pots and let dry, removing stickers/tags if they are new.
  2. Paint pots, letting them dry between coats.
  3. Paint pot saucer for base, if you are using one. You can use the saucer upright—filling with rocks, shells, or sea glass—or upside down, depending on the look you want.

craft lighthouse flower pot paint

  1. Add decorative accent colors such as horizontal bands by painting the rims of the pots and saucers in contrasting colors.
  2. If you want to make a spiral stripe on your lighthouse, stack the pots on top of each other, use blue painter’s tape to make the spiral then trace the edges with pencil as a guide for where to paint.

stones sea glass flowerpot lighthouse craft

  1. Add doors, windows, and other features with paint, permanent markers, or by gluing on beach finds such as sea pottery pieces, sea glass, or shells.
  2. Glue on rocks, ropes, shells, etc. to add decorative touches. Be as creative as you like!
  3. Turn the largest pot upside down and glue the base (if you are using one), then glue successively smaller pots on top. If you’d like, you can add rocks or rope to the area where the largest pot meets the saucer base.
  4. If you want to add the topper and you are adding a candle or battery-operated tea light, be sure to leave a way to light them up. For example, don’t glue the lighthouse topper on if you are using a candle.
  5. Spray with waterproof sealer if you will be using your lighthouse outside, or regular acrylic spray if you would like it to be shiny.

finished flower pot light house

Let it shine

Your lighthouse can be used in the garden, on a terrace, on the windowsill, as a table centerpiece, or as a coastal accent anywhere in your home. This craft is easy enough for kids and makes a great gift for teachers and family!


  • Cover your work area.
  • Spray in well-ventilated areas and protect surfaces below (even plants/grass).
  • If using E6000 adhesive, make sure you tape heavier things in place after gluing or leave horizontal until glue has set.
  • If using a real candle, make sure all your materials are inflammable.
  • Burn candle away from drafts and out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended!

coastal decor flowerpot lighthouse

Enjoy your daily dose of vitamin sea!

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine November/December 2019 issue.

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