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Meet our Presenters 

We are proud to introduce the speakers for the Beachcombing Holiday Festival. Videos and presentations were made possible by our Marketplace Exhibitors, members of Beachcombing Club, and by the following presenters, who  generously shared their time to take us on their beachcombing adventures, share their expertise, and show some of their collections on festival day.

Click the links to watch their videos.

Marylou Forrest

Marylou is a sea glass jeweler from Santa Cruz, California. Her Aloha Sea Glass jewelry is inspired by all of the friends that she has met through her sea glass adventures. She creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with sea glass from around the world. Find Marylou on Instagram and Facebook @alohaseaglassArticles ›

Su Kirk

Su Kirk

Hydraulic Press Demo 

Su considers herself a “desert rat,” as she lived most of her life in Arizona. She left Arizona and found her way to Forks, Washington. Discovering the multitude of treasures that the beaches of the Pacific Northwest have to offer has left her with a deep desire to go beachcombing daily. She is artistic, with a Bachelor’s degree in Art from Northern Arizona University, and she sees art in virtually everything she encounters. Drawing from her artistic side, she creates unique jewelry and home décor. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @seahag101Articles ›

Louise Lauffer

Mary Louise “Wiesy” Lauffer

Virgin Sea Glass Studio Tour 

Wiesy is a lifelong beachcomber and artist living in coastal Delaware with her husband, Carl. A retired Virgin Islands art educator, she creates jewelry, sea glass/stained glass work, and crafts with her extensive collection. More at or on Facebook at Virgin Islands SeaglassArticles ›

richard macpherson

Richard MacPherson

Beachcombing in the Shadow of Diamond Head 

Richard MacPherson is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, and storyteller. For over three decades, he called Hawaii home and caught the beachcombing bug when he wasn’t teaching K-12 or writing his theater blog for the Honolulu Advertiser. Now he resides in Woodland Hills, California, and still keeps his head in the sand, because that’s where the sea glass is. Articles ›

mary McCarthy beachcomber

Mary T. McCarthy

Mary is the owner of When’s Low Tide and Executive Director of The Beachcombing Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving an international collection of beachcombed finds. You can find her on Instagram @marytmccarthy when she’s not out in her kayak searching coastal landfills for beach-found candle containers. Articles ›

Paula Newman

Paula Newman

Beachcombing in Seaham 

Paula of lives in Seaham, England, and has been collecting sea glass since childhood. Seaham Beach has been the inspiration for The Legend of Mermaids Tears series and the Pocket Guide to Seaham Sea Glass, with companion guides planned for this year. Articles ›


Jason Sandy

Jason Sandy

Jason is an American architect and author who lives in London, England. Beachcombing along the muddy banks of the River Thames, he has found historic artifacts, some of which are now on permanent display in museums around the United Kingdom. He is a member of the exclusive Society of Thames Mudlarks, a trustee of the Thames Museum Trust, and co-author of Thames Mudlarking. Find him on Instagram @jasonmudlark. Articles ›

Christina Sawka Reverse.Gem

Christina Sawka

Japanese Fishing Floats

Australian born, Philippine raised, and now living in Japan, Christina has always loved the beach and all the gems it has to offer. With her beachcombing love in Japan, she continues to learn about Japanese maritime antiques, glass and pottery design, and history. She is the founder of Reverse.Gem, a coastal lifestyle brand with a passion for beachcombing solutions. Articles ›

Tina Terry beachcomber

Tina Terry

Eclectic Collection with @TealBamboo 

Tina is a military pilot whose work has taken her around the world including to Japan, California, and elsewhere. She enjoys beachcombing as a hobby and as a great way to recharge after a long work week. Find her on Instagram @tealbamboo. Articles ›

Jackie Trimper Mosaics

Jackie Trimper

Create a One-of-a-Kind Sea Glass Gift for Under $10 

Jackie grew up in Prince Edward Island and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been collecting sea glass her whole life and creating sea glass mosaic art for over ten years. As a retired psychologist, sea glass has become a hobby turned obsession, as she spends hours of her time creating art with sea glass. Find her online at Articles ›