Celebrating 5 years!

sea glass stack by Summer Vaughn

It’s our fifth anniversary! With Volume 30, we celebrated five fabulous years of Beachcombing magazine! Thanks to the talented beachcombers who have taken us to faraway beaches, shared what they found there, and brought history alive with their stories and photos in the past 30 issues of Beachcombing. 

Whether it’s something that the waves brought in today, a rare shell or wildlife encounter, or a piece of glass, pottery, or metal that was buried deep on a beach for years, the stories in Beachcombing take us on a trip of discovery and wonder. The fifth anniversary issue is no exception, with more of the stories we all love: travel, history, beautiful natural wonders, and friendships and community found on the beach. 

As with every issue, there are way more photos submitted than we can fit in, like the image above, which didn’t make it into the first issue of Glassing magazine with the rest of the story from Summer Vaughn. It’s getting its chance to shine—and if you missed the first issue of Glassing Magazine, you can now check out a PDF version of Glassing Magazine Volume 1.  

The first 5 years

Beachcombing has covered everything from sea glass to sea beans, fossils to floats, seashells to stoppers, pipes to pirates, marbles to mermaids, rocks and road trips, and so much in between. Here’s a quick look back on the first five years.

beachcombing five years

Founding subscribers

glassing magazine subscribers

These beachcombers have subscribed since the first year…and are still subscribers today!

Favorite Cover

favorite magazine cover

Thanks to everyone who voted on their favorite cover! After the hundreds of votes were tallied, the favorite was the latest issue, Volume 29, featuring a beautiful photo of a starfish by Jaime Sawczyn. Congratulations to the winners of a year of Beachcombing: Joan, Rhonda, Jayne, Dominique, and Marlene. Most of all, thanks to all of our talented cover photographers.

At home and on the go!

photos of readers with magazine

Left to right, top to bottom: Summer Vaughn,  Christine Solorio, Debbie DiLeo, Elizabeth Schackow,  Ginger Bowman, Phyllis Ford, Mohammed Nasry, Phyllis Ford, Kirsti Scott, Kim Hannon.

Inspired by Beachcombing

watercolor painting magazine covers

Artist Carole Roche was inspired by the beautiful photographs on the covers of Beachcombing and created these beautiful watercolor illustrations. Thanks for sharing them with us, Carole!

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine May/June 2022 issue.

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