Beachcombing in Seaham and Drilling Sea Glass for Jewelry

Online Exclusive

Paula from @PeblsRock takes us on a virtual sea glass hunting trip to one of her favorite beaches in Northeast England. Once she gets home, relax as Paula sorts her treasures and then takes us through step-by-step to make jewelry with some of her sea glass finds.

This presentation was part of the 2021 Beachcombing Holiday Festival on November 27, 2021. You can watch all the Festival videos in one place on YouTube.

Videos and presentations were made possible by our Marketplace Exhibitors, members of Beachcombing Club, and by our Presenters who generously shared their time to take us on their beachcombing adventures, share their expertise, and show some of their collections.

Paula Newman

Paula Newman

Paula of lives in Seaham, England, and has been collecting sea glass since childhood. Seaham Beach has been the inspiration for The Legend of Mermaids Tears series and the Pocket Guide to Seaham Sea Glass, The Peblsrock Pocket Guide to Seaham Sea Marbles, Lost Tossed and FoundThe Peblsrock What's your Poison? Pocket Guide, and The Peblsrock Pocket Guide to Drilling & Making with Sea Glass. Articles ›

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