The Peblsrock Pocket Guide to Seaham Sea Marbles, Lost Tossed and Found


The Peblsrock Pocket guide to Seaham Sea Marbles - Lost, Tossed and Found provides information on the many marbles found on the beach. There is information on marbles found on beaches from Whitburn in the North to Crimdon in the South, and especially in Seaham.

In the guide you will find information on the varieties of marbles, including Codd marbles, and how to make assessments on the age and type of marbles that you've found.

This is a fun, practical gift for a beach lover, a hostess gift, stocking stuffer, unique gift for a sea glass collector, or as a treat for yourself!

Limited Edition: All future editions of this book will be digital-only PDF download versions.

Dimensions: A6, 4.125 x 5.875 x .125 in.

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