Beach Reads

By Cindy Bilbao

view of a beach in winter

These books take you off to the shore for a trip to the winter beach...without the chill!

little bakery on island

Christmas At Little Beach Street Bakery

By Jenny Colgan

On the Cornish tidal island of Mount Polbearne, Polly Waterford spends much of her time inside her harbor-side bakery whipping up breads that are admired by the whole town. She has an American boyfriend named Huckle who desperately wants to marry her, but Polly has commitment issues that prevent her from taking the relationship further. Huckle and Polly live together in an old stone lighthouse with a puffin named Neil. Polly and Huckle’s best friends, Kerensa and Reuben, happen to be married to each other, which eventually becomes an issue. The best friend connection between the four of them will eventually turn into a real dilemma when Kerensa does something she doesn’t want Reuben to know, and Polly must find a way to be both a supportive best friend and an honest, loyal girlfriend to Huckle, creating a bit of suspense when things don’t quite go as planned.

As Christmas approaches, Reuben tries to convince Polly to cater the holiday party Kerensa and Reuben have planned in their opulent mansion by the water. As Polly decides whether or not to accept the job, she also has other decisions to make about her father, a father she didn’t know about till now. Will meeting him help her with her relationship with Huckle or just make it worse?

This is a wintry beach read set during the holidays on an island just off the coast as a storm dumps sparkling white snow decorating the environment. But that doesn’t stop you from feeling the salt in the air. It has all the makings for a proper coastal read: a lighthouse, puffins, harborside houses, and a causeway that leads to the mainland, which is impassable twice a day when the tides are high. Grab your favorite cozy blanket and hunker in! You can enjoy this book while curled up by the fire. It’s a fast, fun read that’ll get you away from stressful holiday details!

the girl on the beach mystery

The Girl On The Beach

Tracy Buchanan

Amber has suffered numerous losses but it’s the discovery she makes on the beach one cold, wintry day that will change the course of her life.

Amber’s usual workday at her gift shop takes an unexpected turn right before the holidays when she spies a girl stumbling along on the beach. The injured girl has amnesia and is unable to remember anything, the only clue to her identity is a notebook in her pocket. You will be instantly drawn into the book as Amber tries to learn what happened. It becomes a real page turner as family secrets come to light and it all leads to a surprise twist at the end!

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