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By Cindy Bilbao

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novel set in delaware

The Sea Sprite Inn

By Lynnette Adair

Cozy up in your beach chair with this book as author Lynnette Adair brings you to the shores of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Adair has a colloquial style of storytelling that will instantly make you feel welcome at the Sea Sprite Inn, where this charming story takes place.

The tale begins with Jillian, who has lost a good job and her marriage. Next she finds herself in Rehoboth to help her grandfather who has fallen ill and realizes that the big, old house he’s been living in clearly has become too much for him to handle alone. Amid this turmoil, we see Jillian discover a new sense of purpose as she learns not to let the fear of failing on the way to something new hold her back. With the help of loyal friends, she creates a perfect seaside haven where guests can book their vacations and Jillian becomes the perfect mentor for those visitors that need her. 

A bit of mystery is nicely woven into the story when a discovery is made during the renovation of the house. An old World War II ammo box containing vintage keepsakes is found underneath the floor boards and Jillian is determined to find the original owner and uncover their meaning. Subsequently, each guest will be able to help with a piece of the puzzle.

This book is uplifting, empowering, and has a very positive message that’s augmented by Jillian’s thoughts at the end of each chapter, inspiring us as the reader to understand that life is always a journey of self-discovery.

So pick your spot on the beach, dig your toes into the sand and get ready to embark on your own journey as you read this heart-warming story of how a cozy bed and breakfast by the sea can help heal the soul.

 novel set in english seaside

The Shell Seekers

By Rosamunde Pilcher

This is a family saga set in an English seaside town. At the end of Penelope Keeling’s life, a prized work of art painted by her grandfather is discovered to be worth a fortune and Penelope needs to make decisions that will impact her family. It’s a classic story with a smooth writing style.

 novel about perfect mom

Confessions Of A Domestic Failure

By Bunmi Laditan

If you envision yourself hunkering into your spot on the beach with a light-hearted book that will make you laugh and feel better about yourself as a Mom, then this is the book!  Career-minded Ashley Keller unexpectedly learns she’s pregnant.  Now she’s a stay-at-home mom who strives to become the “perfect” mom. A hilarious read with a great message.

 novel set in cape cod

We Were Liars

By E. Lockhart

This is the story of the very wealthy Sinclair family who spends their summers on their own private island off Cape Cod.  This dreamy setting turns mysterious when an accident befalls one of the sisters but she is unable to remember what happened to her. A family secret, rivalry, and greed make this a simmering beach read.

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This article appeared in the Glassing Magazine September 2017 issue.

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