Beach Paradise

By Aura Aberback-Fruitman

sea glass marble at the beach

Waves, water, a new found treasure
A beach walk, life’s greatest pleasure;
Discovering Canadian lakes and land
Head to toe, feet nestled in sand.

Sea glass, beach glass, lake glass alas
Seaweed, seagulls, stacks of slag amass;
Stoppers, swans, sea tiles, stones
A magnified glass to read rare bones.

Bottles, plates, pottery, rocks
Gems that are going to knock off your socks;
Cephalopods, fossils, seashells galore
A lifelong quest, a fascination for more.

Rough cool waters, undersea rumbles
Notable creations, formed by tumbles;
A tumultuous trek, grants a find
Offering tranquility to spirit and mind.

Freedom to think, collect, ignite
Still in nature, a quiet delight;
Greens, whites, blues, await
Beachcombing, a hobby so great.

beachcomber finds

Weird, wild, wait, wonder
Who knows what lies under;
The potential, the thrill, seize the day
With open arms, a marble, oh yay!

With each new journey, a level of elevation
A little gal of nine, ready for excavation;
A jump of joy, a squeal of glee
A beehive insulator found in debris.

Perfect specimens, along the bed
In several colors, even rare red;
Bottle top rings washed up in sight
History imagined, of a ship’s plight.

Abundant items drift to shore
Inspect, pick, return for more;
The lake is full, wide, and steep
Eyes forever focused, now crave sleep.

Sleepless, excited, eager anticipation
An unsolved mystery, each exploration;
Lake, loyalty, soul dedication
Love, passion, deep appreciation. 

The water beckons, a constant slow ache
Leave the burbs, for a ranch on a lake
Lured in, at any price
Surrender all for beach paradise.

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine January/February 2022 issue.

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