A Sea of Colors Video

Ever wondered where the  many colors of sea glass come from? This video shares beautiful images and information about the many sources of the rainbow of colors found in beach glass.

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Thanks to everyone who asked a question or posted a comment during the YouTube premiere or the Q&A on Zoom following the video! Congratulations to Teresa, whose comment was randomly selected to get a $100 gift certificate from the Beachcombing shop.

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Thank you to all the Beachcombing Club members, especially the Gold and Silver members who made this project possible. GOLD: Kristina Braga, Jodie Bushey, Lori Christofferson, Emma Claughton, Karen Cooper, Christine Crawford, Bryna Darling, Joanna Farrell, Madeleine Fontillas Ronk, Jodie Greene, Holly Hanau Koncz, Laurel Holubik, Terri Kirby Hathaway, Kimberly Jennings, Betty La Salla, Julie Lynn, Jennifer Matos, Anne Mauro, Joseph Murray, Ken Overly, Cynthia Raffaele, Jason Sandy, Svea Scholten, Tammy Schuetz Cook, Bernadette Skipper, Christine Solorio, Lala Stein, Angela Swartz, Becky Thielbar, Glenn Tolle.  SILVER: Ginger Bowman, Joanne Blanchard, Marylyn Broomhall, Lynn Burress, Adrienne Creemers Van Dun, Karen Davis , Amy Dries, Christine Gavin , Debbie Kasyan, Brendan Keeley, Katherine Mullaney Wittig, Marie-Anne Norcross, Janice Piazza, Heike Schneider, Linda Schnell, Asheley Simpson, Diana Smith, Scott Smith, Janice Thomas, Kathy Tiffany, Elisa Turdo, Michelle Wilkes, Caryl Yaiser.

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