A Jumbo Find

By Rachel Dube

yellow sea glass elephant

It was the end of summer and I had to visit my favorite sea glass spot on an island in Maine one more time before the cold set in. Upon arrival, I was pleased to see it was low tide and the sun was glimmering on the rocky cove. Then we were off—my husband and I on a challenge to see who could find the prize piece of the day.

I was in my element, collecting gems from the sea when I stumbled upon a brown frosted glass circle among the rocks. Then, I turned it over to find the most beautiful elephant. I screamed with excitement and I think my husband knew at that point that the challenge was over! Who would think finding a magical treasure from the sea would bring so much joy.

beach glass bottle bottom with elephant logo

It has been hammered by the waves but has a beautiful golden honey amber color to it and bold embossing. I did some research, and while it’s close to the elephants on Chang Beer from Thailand and Carl Mampe liquors from Germany, it’s not an exact match. If you know where it came from, please let me know.

I just know that I was meant to find this piece, since I love elephants and have a collection of them from my travels to India.

All photos by Rachel Dube.

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine January/February 2023 issue.

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