Let’s Go Beachcombing Kit

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This grab & go ultimate beachcombing kit is packed with everything you need for your next beach trip. Great for a vacation and the perfect gift for a beachcomber! You can use the bag to store your kit components or bring it to the beach with you to carry your gear or your finds.

Pack this heavy-duty fabric bag in your suitcase, or keep it handy in your car. The 8" x10" zippered pouch has 2 front zippered compartments (for ID, credit cards, cash, keys, etc.), a carrying strap, and a large zippered main pocket to store your beachcombing kit components:

  • Pocket-size Beachcombing Journal with plenty of space to record your favorite finds and special moments on the beach. 44 pages, full color, 4” x 6”.
  • Collapsible, dishwasher safe, lightweight beachcombing colander for washing and drying your seashells, beach glass, rocks, and more. Pops up to wash and rinse your finds, holds them while water drains out, and collapses down to store. 7.875" x 3.125" when open, and 1.375" high when closed. 
  • One 3-oz. travel-size bottle of dishwashing liquid to clean up your treasures.
  • One 3-oz. travel-size bottle of hypoallergenic baby oil to add shine to your beach finds.
  • One 12" x 12" machine-washable, microfiber mini towel for drying your beach finds. Choose light blue or white.
  • Five 4" x 6" heavy-duty poly zip bags for sorting and storing.

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