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Beachcombing is the print and digital magazine devoted to beachcombing, beach destinations, and coastal living, with an audience of beach-loving, well-traveled readers who are passionate about sea glass, seashells, fossils, rock collecting, and beachcombing. Our readers seek information and inspiration about products, lifestyle, and decorating related to the shore.

The print and digital magazine is distributed to a worldwide audience, and our website and social media pages reach an enthusiastic audience. Engage readers in a personal way and get in front of a targeted audience of beach lovers by advertising with Beachcombing.

Did you know? Advertising in niche magazines (like Beachcombing) delivers a return of $3.94 on every dollar spent.

Print ads of 1/4 page, 1/2 page, or full page are designed to build awareness of your company and products to an audience of beach lovers. They can appear anywhere inside the magazine and are intended to brand your company.

General Rates

Print Advertising

(Cost per issue)

Size 1 issue 3 issues 6 issues
Full Page $875 $825 $725
1/2 Page $425 $375 $350
1/4 Page $200 $175 $150

Digital Advertising

(Cost for each 2 month period)

Advertising Option
2 months 6 months
12 months
Club Event Sponsorship
$500 $450 $400
Web Page Advertising
$150 $125 $100
Email Sponsorship
$150 $125 $100
Giveaway/Survey Sponsorship
$100 $100 $100


After payment, please email your ad artwork to

Print Advertising Specs

All measurements are in inches. Trim Size: 8.375 x 10.875. 
Binding: Perfect. Bleed: .25, Live/Safety: .5 from trim.

All print ads must be submitted as press-quality PDF format only. The resolution of all images should be a minimum of 300 dpi at final production size and should be in CMYK format. All fonts must be embedded in the PDF. If you do not have ad artwork prepared, we are happy to help you create your ad using your photos and content.

Digital Advertising Specs

Event Sponsorship: Sponsorship of an online or in-person event. Logo and link in event listing, logo and name in video credits, introduction during and/or after event.

Web Page Advertising: 600x100px ad on selected page on website. When you place your order, you can select 2 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Please let us know what page you would like your ad to appear on.

Email Sponsorship: 600x100px ad on emails to full list

Giveaway/Survey Sponsorship: You provide item to giveaway and we agree on entry rules (posting an image, including a hashtag, sharing a post, answering a survey, etc.). We promote it on Beachcombing website, Facebook, and Instagram; and include giveaway info in an email to full list. We possibly include the promotion in the print magazine, depending on timing and content.


Payment is due on Purchase By date and ads not paid in full by Submit By date will not be run. 3x and 6x placements require full payment at Reserve By date of first insert issue. All prices in US dollars.

  • Issue | Purchase Date | Artwork Date
  • January/February | November 1 | November 15
  • March/April | January 1 | January 15
  • May/June | March 1 | March 15 
  • July/August | May 1 | May 15
  • September/October | July 1 | July 15
  • November/December | September 1 | September 15


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