What's Your Beach Personality?

beachcomber personality quiz

Everyone has a different idea of a perfect day at the beach. Take this quiz to see which kind of beachcomber you are!

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the beach?

A. Look for a place to set up on the sand

B. Hike to the end of the beach

C. Make a beeline for the water’s edge

D. Strike up a conversation with the locals

What do you bring with you?

A. Beach reading, chair, and sunscreen

B. Water, snacks, and trash pickup bag

C. Beach collector bag and your tide app

D. Beach toys to share

What are you bringing back?

A. Photos and a tan

B. Sore muscles and marine debris  

C. Sea glass, shells, and rocks

D. New friends and memories

What do you wear?

A. Bathing suit and sandals

B. Sturdy shoes and hat

C. Water shoes or wet suit

D. Layers

What do you do at the end of the day?

A. Watch the sunset

B. Pack your trash 

C. Wash and admire your beach finds

D. Get ready for the party to start

What’s your after-beach drink?

A. Something refreshing

B. Something hydrating

C. Something blue

D. Something strong

4 beachcombing personalities

Your Score

How did you answer the quiz? See if your choices mostly fall into one of these beachcomber categories!

beach lover

Mostly A: Beach Lover

You love a relaxing day at the beach! You scope out the perfect spot for your towel and chair, settle in with a great book or magazine, and enjoy a day unwinding by the water. 

beach explorer

Mostly B: Explorer

Your ideal day involves checking out all that the beach has to offer. Craggy shorelines, tide pools,
and local wildlife are just a few of your favorites.
And, you never fail to pick up trash along the way.

mermaid beachcomber

Mostly C: Mermaid

Your favorite part of the beach is picking up glass, shells, and rocks. You collect everything the waves have washed up, and you are ready to show off your finds over a mermaid cocktail at the end of the day.

beachcombing pirate

Mostly D: Pirate

When you get to the beach, it’s all hands on deck to party from the first “ahoy” to the last “shiver me timbers!” You are ready to share the booty with your new maties and yo-ho-ho until the break of day.

How did you do?

Did the test get your personality right? Or, were you a mix of a bunch of them? Comment below!

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine January/February 2019 issue.

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I am mostly C and B. I hit the beach ready to hunt for sea glass and other things I might find, but with the intent to find glass. I also pick up trash and use the beach for my daily exercise. I consider myself a serious sea glass collector. I have travelled to Port Townsend, WA, Seaham, UK and Greece in my searches for glass.

Jann February 27, 2019

Mostly C. I love everything about the beach
Especially finding Seaglass, fossils, etc. sometimes it’s extreme seaglassing where I am in full wetsuit, dodging waves to see what is tossed up on the beach (Davenport) and sometimes it’s more relaxing just walking and looking for treasures already on the beach. And the best part is visiting with people who share the same love of looking for beach treasure. Definitely the beach is my happy place!

Janice February 27, 2019

C through and through

Michelle Roth February 23, 2019

It was right on.I love exploreing the beach and seeing all the treasures the beach has to offer.Love to collect them all.But cant take the whole beach home with me.

Sherry Cady February 23, 2019

B/C I love to go to the beach in any weather, even when the bay is frozen. ALWAYS a treasure and trash to be collected. I send photos to my sisters who grew up on Long Island and don’t live close to the water anymore. I’m constantly checking for low tide 🤗🐚

Melissa February 23, 2019

I am a cross between A & C. Love relaxing, smelling the salt air and enjoying the sounds of the waves. Also love the hunt for what might wash up next be it sea glass, driftwood or shells.

Tammy February 23, 2019

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