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What was the reason the event was created? Is there any interesting history?

How many people organize the event?

How many people exhibit at the event?

What kind of items do exhibitors share/sell at the event?

How many people attend the event? Are they mostly locals?

Are there any speakers, entertainment, or subject experts at the event?

Are there any activities for children/families?

Are there tours or activities away from the event venue?

What are your top three favorite things about the event?

Do you have a fun or interesting story related to your event?


What is the name of the town/city/area where the event takes place?

What are the beaches like there, for example, rocky, sandy, cliffs, etc.

What do people collect when they beachcomb in your area?

Where did the items they find on the beach come from originally and how did they come to be on the beach?

Are they found elsewhere, or in only this location?

Are there many other beachcombers?

Where are some of your favorite beachcombing locations (feel free to be as specific or vague as you like!)?

What are a few fun things to do in your area besides beachcombing and your event? Are there any beach-related organizations, museums, events, or shops that someone shouldn't miss? Are there any quintessential experiences a visitor should have?

Any fun hotel/restaurant/bar recommendations?

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