Beachcombing Volume 23: March/April 2021

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Volume 23: April 2021

The March/April issue of Beachcombing is filled with stories about seashell hunting, mudlarking finds, artists, jewelers, collectors, and more!

In this issue:

  • Colorful Utopian Visions: Victorian and Georgian Pottery, Jason Sandy
  • My Way of Shelling: Amanda Collett
  • The Beauty of Imperfection: Kirsti Scott
  • Kintsugi Style: Ginger Bowman
  • How You Can Help Save the Sea Turtles: Alex Scott
  • Beach Glass in the Forest? Heike Schneider
  • Danger at the Beach: Sharon Boon, Lydia Kimball, Lori Christofferson
  • A Beach of One’s Own: Shelley Thomas
  • A Lightning Strike, a Tongue Twister, and a Dinosaur? Laura Deering
  • Lake Effect Karma: Chera Thompson
  • Detecting History in Lake Michigan: Anna Roche Clark
  • Greetings from Barbados: A History of Sailor’s Valentines: Kirsti Scott
  • Adventures in the Mud: Kirsti Scott
  • Washed Overboard: Helen Butcher
  • How It’s Made: Ram’s Horn Studs: Hali MacLaren
  • The Elusive Ram’s Horn Squid: Alex Scott
  • The History of Cosmetic Jars: Mary T. McCarthy
  • Hello There: Beach-found faces from our readers
  • Lost and Found in Provincetown: Kirsti Scott

On the cover: Abalone shell repaired with sea glass by Ginger Bowman

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