Hello There: Beach-found faces from around the world

Ever looked down on the beach and found someone looking back?

black sea glass face

Dawn Criscio

While sea glassing at her local beach in Connecticut, Dawn Criscio headed out to an area where no one was beachcombing and found this beauty just lying on the sand. The black color is so dense that light doesn't pass through, but Dawn did see a tiny red edge when she harnessed light from two cellphone flashlights. The piece was possibly a mourning cameo or a stylish piece of black jet jewelry, which was in fashion in the mid– to late-1800s.

From silly to elegant, we loved meeting your new beach friends. Take a look at the following pages at some more beach faces found by readers around the world.

faces on the beach

Riley Renfro, Jodie Greene, Jodylynn Jewett

beach rock and brick faces

Lainie Tame, Fran Sibthorpe, Paula Newman

beach faces

Lauri Allen, Suzanne Reichert, Kristina Braga

faces from the beach

Paula Newman

funny faces found by beachcombers

Kristina Braga, Sara Anne Robinson, Lauri Allen

beachcomber finds with faces

Scott Smith, Kristina Braga, Susan Terry

beach found faces

Heather Lee, Jodie Greene

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