Tiny Beach Treasures

It’s great finding a big beautiful shell, a giant hunk of sea glass, or a huge rock or fossil on the beach. But collecting a tiny fingertip-sized treasure can be just as fun, especially when it’s one of your favorite things, only in miniature size. Check out these adorable finds sent in by readers around the world.

mini shells

tiny sea glass and shells

Jody L. Jewett, Rachel Fields, Jamie Marcellus

mini shells and sea glass

Kaitlyn Vaughan-Carmack, Ariana Piñero/Summer Love Jewelry, Christy Smith Macomber

beach beads bottle shells
Johanna Keene, Denise Garcia, Kirsti Scott

miniature beach finds
Jean St. Denis, Susie Terry, Daniela Lindberg

little fossil octopus and sea glass stack
Lisa/Gulf Coast Sea Breeze, Vanessa Ya Lopez, Kirsti Scott

small beach finds
Ariana Piñero, Sarah Jean Taavola, Liz Ross

miniature beach treasures

@instaseaglass, Lainie, Sharon Boon

little things found on the beach

Rowy Marynissen, Michelle Szatkowski/seasidebeachglass.com, Teresa Sumerfield

small things on the beach

Mike Ley. Ariana Piñero/Summer Love Jewelry. Marylou Forrest

beach bead little shells tiny sea glass

Mary T. McCarthy, Maristella, Maureen Wyer

tiny shells beach glass sea pottery

Cherie Carbine, Barbara Smith,Teresa Sumerfield

miniature sea shells and sea glass

Zatara Market, Jodie Greene, Christy Smith Macomber, Maristella

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine September/October 2020 issue.

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