Beautiful Experiments: Underwater photography

sea glass underwater

Paul Lawson isn’t a beachcomber, but some of his friends are. He loves experimenting with photography, and when he borrowed some of his friend’s beachcombing collection and photographed it dropping through water, the results were beautiful.

sea glass and seashells in water

Recently, a friend loaned him some of her favorites to photograph. “She gave me her prize pieces and told me how looking for glass is how she deals with severe depression,” says Paul. “She said this glass has saved her life.” Paul photographed her gorgeous finds, and when she posted some of the photos online, her friends immediately contacted him to photograph their favorites.

underwater photography of beach glass and sea shells

“Most people just keep their collection in glass jars,” explains Paul. “Having them shot well and turned into a print to hang on your wall is something I love doing. People send me the glass and shells, I do multiple shots, return their glass, and provide prints.” Contact for photos of your beach treasures.

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine September/October 2020 issue.

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