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national seashell day

National Seashell Day is on June 21st, the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Seashell Day to be observed annually in 2017. No matter where you live, or whether it's the first day of summer or winter, here are some fun ways to celebrate seashells.

handful of seashells

Head to the beach and grab some shells

Kick off summer with a trip to your beach to collect some empty shells. No shells on your beach? Collect sea glass, rocks, driftwood, or your favorite beach finds or do a quick beach clean up.

bowl of seashells

Display your shells

Gather some of your shells or other beach treasures and group them in a pretty bowl or on a shelf where you can admire them.

lion paw shell on beach

Share photos of your favorites

Get inspired by the winners in the 2022 Beachcombing Seashell Photo Contest and take your own photos of you favorite shells.

no live shells

No live shelling

Seashells are homes to animals. Don’t take any shells that have a creature living in them—return them gently to the water. And don’t take too many shells, as they help create the sand we sink our toes into on the beach.

hawaiian and florida shells

Tag your posts with #NationalSeashellDay so others can admire your photos!

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