Sea Glassing

By Louise Collings

electric blue patterned sea glass

The beach it is my happy place
And beach finds are my pleasure
The sea it gives me my head space
And sea glass it is my treasure

The act of sea glassing is simplistic
And the therapy it provides is holistic
The hunt for treasure is my meditation
And vitamin sea it is my medication

The search provides an escape and a distraction
The focus permits a slower pace and a convalescence
The finds give joy, rewards and a satisfaction
The experience allows mindfulness and a presence

The gifts from the sea are our goal and our direction
The gems we discover have our affection
The colors and size give us our satisfaction
The textures and shape have our appreciation

The call of the sea brings out a scavenger in me
To hunt and gather, it is an urge and a determination
To seek it is an addiction
To find it is lust and an admiration
To discover secret jewels, it is my motivation
The beach brings out the beauty in all that I see

The sifting commences when our hoards come home
The sorting of treasures combed from sea foam
Our social media community provides our connection
By sharing our finds, we have a mutual satisfaction
Together we share in our hobby, our interest and our passion

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine July/August 2022 issue.
My piece enters your screen, into your soul and imagination
By sharing our finds by photos and images we show
The positive energy can tidally flow.

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