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We get many inquiries from beachcombers trying to identify their beach finds. Sometimes we can help find out what someone found on the beach, but sometimes even experienced beachcombers can't help us figure it out. So, we're hoping this page helps harness the collective knowledge of our worldwide beachcombing community to solve these mysteries from the beach. 

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Glass Shards found near Toledo Ohio

embto glass shard

These two pieces were found near the Maumee River on the shores of Lake Erie near Toledo. Can anyone identify them or the embossed design on the bottom? Does it say EMTOB? Is it EMB with a T shovel in a hole? We welcome all guesses!

Animal or Plant?

australian beach animal or plant

Does anyone recognize these round things Ralph found on the beach near Darwin Australia in January 2023? The left photo shows when they are wet, the right after a day drying. When they were wet, they were about .75 inches (2 cm); dry they were about .5 inches (1.5 cm). Ralph adds, “I have been looking at books and they could be related to bluebottles — they could be Velella or Porpita, that have lost their colour and tentacles.”

Green Intaglio

flagship intaglio green

This beautiful green piece was found on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. The inscription is from the 1800s song “O Logie O’ Buchan.” Since the engraving is right-reading, it isn't a wax seal. Do you have any ideas of its age or provenance?

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