2019 Sea Glass Champion

2019 Sea Glass Color Champion

Congratulations to Purple, the 2019 Sea Glass Champion!

Sea Glass Championship Final Results

The 2019 Sea Glass Championship tournament ended tonight as Purple beat Red as the favorite sea glass color. In a competition that saw last year’s finalists, Teal and Orange, lose in early rounds, Purple emerged to win the second annual International Sea Glass Champ title. 

All the colors look forward to next year's competition. Congratulations to all the competitors, and thanks to everyone who voted in the 2019 Sea Glass Championships.

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teal sea glass vs. orange sea glass

2018 Sea Glass Championship Recap

Last year was a very exciting series, with some favorites eliminated early on and some very close matches. In a competition that saw Cobalt Blue and Red lose in early rounds, Teal emerged triumphant over second-place Orange and won the first Sea Glass Championship title, to the delight of #teamteal. It was a brutal ending for Orange, which had a remarkable early showing in the tournament. 

According to Mary McCarthy, one of Orange’s biggest fans, “Orange proudly remains sea glass’s rarest color and thanks to the Teal fans for leaving more of it out there for #teamorange to find.”

This year’s seeding was determined by looking at performance in last year’s tournament. The 2018 International championship was a spirited competition, and we look forward to more enthusiastic participation in this year’s very important and highly scientific competition.

EXTRA CHALLENGE: Think you can predict all the winners before it starts?

See if you can predict ALL the winners before the competition starts! Complete the entirer bracket with the winner of each competition through the final championship and post on your Instagram or Facebook page with the hashtag #seaglasschamp by March 1st! May the best color win!

Sea Glass Championship 2019 Bracket

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This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine March/April 2019 issue.

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