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National Fossil Day is celebrated annually on the Wednesday of the second full week in October. It's a great time to share your love of beach fossils—and the paleontologists who excavate them. No matter where you live, or whether you like collecting fossils on beaches, lakes, rivers, or streams, here are some fun ways to celebrate these time capsules.

If you are a beach fossil collector, where is the best place to find beach fossils?

Head to the beach and grab some fossils

ammonite fossil imprint on the beach

Plan a trip to your local shore to hunt for fossils among the rocks and sand. Bring a bag, any tools you need to uncover and grab your favorite stones and pebbles, and start the treasure hunt! No fossils on your beach? Collect seashells, sea glass, rocks, driftwood, or your favorite beach finds or do a quick beach clean up.

Display your fossils

jars of fossils

Gather some of your favorites in a bowl or basket, or line them up on a shelf where you can admire them. You can sort them by the type of fossil or where you found them.

Share photos of your favorites

It's a great time to dig out your favorite beach fossil photos or take some fossils out in the sun for a photo shoot! Send them along and we'll include our favorite in an upcoming issue of Beachcombing. Email your photos with “Fossils” in the subject line.

Don't forget to include #nationalfossilday and @beachcombingmagazine on your posts! We can't wait to see them!

Got other ideas on how to bring out your inner paleontologist? Leave them in the comments!

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