Happy Anniversary, Beachcombing Magazine!

rebecca ruger authorHonestly, I can’t remember how it actually started—something to do with searching online for information on sea glass and being unable to find it. And the idea that someone should fix this lack spun around in my head for quite some time. And Glassing Magazine was born. 

And now, Beachcombing. Oh, how wonderfully far it’s come!

I miss the beachcombing community and all the friends I made (less so all the hard work and so many late nights publishing a magazine).

I miss meeting people at shows and in my shop, those who’d been collecting sea glass forever and were passionate about it, and those who were new to the hobby, wide-eyed and enthusiastic, eager to know everything all at once.

After handing over the reins to Kirsti, I returned to my first love, which was writing. Since 2019, I have published 14 romance novels, the first of which are being made into audiobooks as I write this. All the stories I used to imagine about beach glass and each piece’s origins have come in handy, helping me to create characters and plots and narratives to satisfy my romantic heart.

I’m still combing beaches when the mood strikes and keeping treasures in glass jars, which sit near windows, adored by the sun.

Cheers to Beachcombing and to Kirsti. May the tide always be in your favor.

Happy Hunting!


This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine May/June 2022 issue.

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