Driftwood Skeleton Fish

By Lori-lee Thomas

fish skeleton decoration made with drift wood

Grab some driftwood and your glue gun to make this fun Halloween decoration.

supplies to make driftwood fish


  • Triangular piece of driftwood for the head
  • Smaller driftwood piece for the jaw (optional)
  • Long stick of driftwood for the spine
  • Shorter driftwood sticks for the ribs
  • Triangular pieces for the fin
  • Driftwood knot or other small piece of wood for the eye—get creative!
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


make fish head sculpture with driftwood

  1. Glue together the pieces for the head and jaw.
  2. Attach eye to the head with hot glue.

glue drift wood ribs to make fish sculpture

  1. Hot glue one end of the spine to the head.
  2. Glue the ribs behind the spine piece, making sure to taper the size of the sticks from large to small at the end where the tail goes.

make fish tail on driftwood art piece of fish skeleton beachoween

  1. Glue two pieces for the tail.
  2. Attach tail to the end of the spine.
  3. Attach a small string hoop to the middle to hang it on the wall. It’s always good to reinforce the hot glue on the back for extra sturdiness.

Pro Tip: To take it up a notch, add a string of battery-operated LED lights to the back and light up your fish skeleton on spooky nights.

pile of driftwood from the beach

Get creative and have a Happy Beachoween!

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All photos by Lori-lee Thomas.

This article appeared in Beachcombing Volume 38: September/October 2023. 

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