Decoration inspiration from winter beaches

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While winter brings many sought-after treasures to many beaches, cold winter days are a great time to take some of finds and turn them into beautiful beach décor. Here are just a few of the many creative ideas from readers for turning sea glass, shells, driftwood, and more into holiday decorations and ornaments.

Beachcombing treasures for the table — tablescapes

beach find table decorations

Jill Quigley, Cathy Balazs, Beth Mallory

seashell and sea glass christmas decorations

Sylvia Ratley Feen, Lisa Foy 🏠, Sonja B

Trees made out of your beachcombing finds

sea glass christmas trees

Kristen Dragone, Sylvia Ratley Feen, Sylvia Ratley Feen

beach glass trees

Sylvia Ratley Feen

beach glass driftwood mussel christmas trees

Ann Fisk, Anne Davis LC’s Glass 🏠, Phyllis Ford – Learn how ›

Ornaments made from beach finds

ornaments made with starfish and beach glass

Anne Davis LC’s Glass 🏠, Beth Mallory, Sara Rouleau

beach glass and beach pottery christmas ornaments

Anne Davis LC’s Glass 🏠

Beach treasure wall art to bring the holiday spirit to that perfect spot in your home

christmas wall art made from shells and beach glass

C-glass, Suzanne Davis, Joyce Ciallella, Gina Olkowski

Add bling to your ornaments with your finds — or celebrate the sea with handblown glass seaside-themed ornaments

starfish christmas decorating

Kirsti Scott

beach theme christmas ornaments

Lisa Foy Gulf Coast Sea Breeze 🏠, Kris Braga 🏠

Celebrate Santa at the beach or bring the cheer to the sand

beach christmas lawn decor

Lisa Foy Gulf Coast Sea Breeze 🏠

🏠 Beachcombing Club Member

Looking for more fun ways to craft with your beach finds?

Coastal and Beach Décor Ideas:

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