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“The beach has always been my happy place. I enjoy walking along the beach and combing for treasures. I have always been drawn to sea glass,” says designer and blogger Breanna Rountree, of Breezy Designs.

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“I've been doing interior design for over 10 years now and I have seen so many different styles,” says Rountree, adding that the coastal theme and design are by far her greatest inspiration. Living in Valencia, Ca, with her husband, Davey, Rountree opens the doors to her favorite room in her home—the dining room. With an open-air look and feel, she’s made it look easy to bring the love of the ocean and sea glass into your home.

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The Right Color Combination

Move over basic blue and white. Breezy’s blend of that iconic Tiffany blue with white, and the addition of the warm natural tone of the hardwood floor, the natural jute napkin rings, and her glass floats dish décor provides a serene, yet remarkable palette.

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Sea Glass included

“There are so many ways to incorporate sea glass,” says Breezy. A sea glass centerpiece or focal point doesn’t have to be large and loud. The subtle size and corresponding color of the candle holders enhanced with Californian sea glass still steal the show.

sea glass centerpiece

Pulling off the Look

Keeping your color scheme tight, with minimal interruptions, can be difficult to make work without resulting in blah. But these shades provide a sense of balance and synchronization to the room. You get the visual impact of the color treat of the Tiffany blue, and the look is clean and coastal, without being dreary.

This article appeared in the Glassing Magazine July 2017 issue.

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