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By Cindy Bilbao

Tigers in Red Weather


Tigers In Red Weather

by Liza Kaussmann

An old family estate on Martha’s Vineyard has been the backdrop of long, glorious childhood summers for two cousins, Nick and Helena. It’s there on the island, basking in the summer heat, that they daydream about their futures and what they envision for themselves as young adults; it seems to them as though the world is their oyster. As WWII winds down, Nick’s new husband is heading home from the war and Helena’s new husband is whisking her off to Hollywood to pursue his passion for making films. But an underlying discord within both marriages develops, adding tension to their stories as the girls realize that perhaps those schoolgirl dreams will not turn out quite as glitzy as imagined. When a grisly murder within the community is discovered it mars the idyllic gin filled parties and tennis lessons and casts deep shadows on the summertime fun.

The best part of this book is getting to hear the accounts of the murder and the circumstances surrounding it from each of the five main characters because it adds a great deal of suspense which is only amplified when the author saves the person we really want to hear from for last. When you finally get there to hear it told from this person’s point of view you’ll be in for a bit of a surprise as things don’t exactly play out the way you might have guessed they would.

This scintillating novel, by the way, was written by the great-great-great granddaughter of Herman Melville and that alone is reason to dig into it!

Voices in the Ocean book

Voices In The Ocean 

by Susan Casey

Her exhaustive research on dolphins is done with a great passion for the subject. It is filled with lots of information about dolphins but more importantly this book will beg you to consider your views about dolphins in captivity. It explores how our modern culture affects dolphins and questions our responsibility to these amazing creatures. 

The High Tide Club

The High Tide Club 

by Mary Kay Andrews

Five women calling themselves the “High Tide Club” go skinny dipping in the moonlight in the 1940’s. One of them is now terminally ill at 99 years of age and needs to track down the rest of the group and their descendants so that her island property can be saved from falling into the wrong hands.

Safe at the Edge of the World

Safe At The Edge Of The World 

by Jean Grainger

A tour guide leads a group of sightseers through Ireland. Among them is a priest and a pregnant woman who are hiding from the mob members trying to kill them. The plot twists and turns as the tour bus rolls through the tranquil beauty of Ireland. 

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This article appeared in the Glassing Magazine September/October 2018 issue.

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