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By Cindy Bilbao

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Curl up with these books that take you to faraway shores for a few hours.

novel about marble making in england

It Began With The Marbles

By Jane Ross Potter

This enchanting story begins with a World War I-era German soldier and the Scottish nurse he married. Together they established a successful glassmaking business located on a bluff above the sea in a quiet town in northeast Scotland. In present day, beautiful pieces of sea glass are still found, though the glass factory is no longer there. 

Helen Griffen, a police agent from Edinburgh, has relocated to Kelville-by-the-Sea and is expecting quieter, calmer work. But she soon realizes she’s inherited the cold case of a girl who has been missing for seven years. Determined to learn if she is dead or still alive, Helen’s inquiries into Justine sends one family into a tailspin as several people close to the family seem suspicious. Will Helen be able to get to the bottom of the mystery despite family secrets that keep the truth well hidden?

Helen’s moral compass starts to shift as evidence comes to light, making her realize that things are not always black and white and she has some important decisions to make.

This is a fascinating story of mystery and intrigue wrapped up in the history of glassmaking. Readers will learn about the process of creating glass items, including marbles, and history buffs will find this book interesting, as well. I’m betting that after reading this novel, sea glass seekers will be inspired to check the pieces they find and research their provenance and history. 

novel set on the beach

Seabreeze Christmas

By Jan Moran

Grab a cozy blanket and an optional glass of wine and head to your favorite spot to curl up in and relax with the Bay sisters. This is a heartwarming story of perseverance, love, and community coming together for the good of others.

Sisters Ivy and Shelly Bay are trying to make a go of running a historical seaside inn located in the fictional hamlet of Summer Beach in Southern California. Although it’s the holiday season, the reservation book is looking a bit empty and Ivy worries that they may not be able to make ends meet during the off season. But the Bay sisters and their family and friends don’t give up that easily. A brainstorming session gives them some great ideas to attract visitors in order to make this Christmas at the Seabreeze Inn a magical one—even when a man shows up needing a room but not able to pay. There is intrigue surrounding this stranger that adds a bit of mystery to the story.

Ms. Moran creates the coziest of images of the holidays with her words, making the readers feel included in the fun. Beautiful antique ornaments, gingerbread, Christmas carols, and a lighted boat parade are just some of the festivities readers will get to enjoy!

Whether you have experienced a holiday beside the beach or not, reading this book will be pure pleasure! This is Book Four in the Summer Beach series. You can read this story without having read the previous books in this series.

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine November/December 2022 issue.

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