7 tips for an amazing beach party

planning a party on the beach

Whether you’re on the beach, near the beach, or just wish you were there, a beach theme is great for any outdoor gathering with friends and family. Here are our top tips for a beach party (or wedding!) to remember:

beach party theme ideas

  1. Find a good spot: Make sure your outdoor space fits plenty of guests and is protected from whatever weather may come. Put up umbrellas or a tent for the sun, weigh down paper plates with shells or beach rocks in case of wind, or set up a fire pit (where it’s legal) to warm up from the cold.
  1. Choose a theme: Create an ambience that will delight your guests and make planning way more fun. Suggested attire and a music playlist will add to the event. Fun themes for your party are a 50s retro style, nautical/cruise, tropical getaway, and beach boardwalk.

party decorations for beach theme

  1. Decorate accordingly: Once you have a theme, choose a color and let that influence your decorations. Don’t forget about lighting if the party’s going to continue through the night! Decorations can be as simple as shells, sea glass, starfish, bamboo mats, candles, and nautical lanterns. Just scatter a few of your beach finds around. 
  1. Keep everyone happy: Include toys and activities for kids (and adults!) like beach balls and squirt guns. You can even organize a seashell scavenger hunt or a sandcastle contest.

finger food for beach parties

  1. Keep it simple: Offer single-serving finger foods, bite-size kebabs or sliders, individual boxed meals, and other foods that are easy to grab and easy to transport. And finish off with cookies or cupcakes—no silverware or plates required.

signature cocktails for beach party

  1. Cheers: Stock the bar with single-serve cans or bottles and open wine bottles ahead of time so guests can grab and go. Or, serve your guests a signature summer cocktail or mocktail. Make a pitcher full so your guests don’t need to spend time mixing drinks. Even better, try serving your adult beverages in frozen form! We’re thinking that Sex on the Beach Poptails might be perfect for your beach-themed party. Check out bit.ly/bcpoptails for fun recipes.

beach wedding party favors

  1. Sweet farewell: Offer each guest something fun to take on the way out. Fill tiny bottles with beach finds, set out a bowl of pretty shells, or offer the wine charm from their glass.

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine July/August 2021 issue.

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