The California Mermaid Convention

California Mermaid Convention

The California Mermaid Convention


From the Promenade of Mermaids to lectures to film screenings to opportunities to swim with mermaids, this event has everything to satisfy a siren’s dreams! Started nine years ago as the Promenade of Mermaids in Old Town Sacramento, this is the longest running mermaid event in the U.S. 

family friendly mermaid event

This family-friendly event is centered around creativity, community, and fun. Kids can splash in the pool with mermaids, there’s a river beach cleanup on Sunday, and don’t miss the 21+ Launch Party at the Dive Bar downtown on Friday night, where you can check out the mermaid shows in their 40-foot saltwater aquarium. To promote environmental awareness, they’re working to create a low (or even zero) waste convention. Dive in, mermaids and mermen!


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