Lost wax casting

By Ingrid Lynch

casting jewelry from sea urchins

Ingrid Lynch uses a process called lost-wax casting to duplicate shapes, textures, and sculptures to use in her jewelry. “I use mainly sterling silver and 14-Karat gold, cast from an original wax sculpture that I design,” says Ingrid. She creates her designs with wax, then attaches all the pieces together in what’s called a wax tree. The tree is placed in a flask and investment (a type of plaster mix) is made and poured over it.

lost wax process for jewelryOnce the investment is dry, the flask is then put into a hot kiln, which melts all the wax away. The flask is taken out of the kiln, silver or gold metal is added, and then the jewelry pieces are cast in a centrifugal or vacuum casting.

jewelry made from sea glass and cast silver

“Once the metal is cooled, I cut all the pieces apart from each other and grind and polish away all the excess metal leftover from the casting process,” Ingrid explains. There are many stages of polishing, after which Ingrid can insert the sea glass into the finished piece of metal to create her jewelry pieces.

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This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine September/October 2022 issue.

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