Letters from The Shore

Artist Lori-lee Thomas creates beautiful arrangements inspired by the sea glass, rocks, shells, and more that she finds on the beaches near her home in Newfoundland, Canada. Many of her assemblages incorporate her beach treasures—grouped by color, grouped by type of find, and sometimes a gathering of items of the same shape, such as a heart made of heart-shaped sea glass, rocks, and shells. She also creates paintings in a variety of media, inspired by nature and the sea.

In early 2022, Lori-lee challenged herself to make letters using her beach finds. The result is a beautiful beachcombed alphabet that invites you to take a closer look. For each letter, she used items associated with that letter. For example, A is made with aqua sea glass, B is made from barnacles, etc. See if you can guess the rest!


ABCDE alphabet made from sea glass shells and beachcombing findsFGHIJKL alphabet made from sea glass shells and beachcombing findsMNOPQRS alphabet made from sea glass shells and beachcombing findsTUVWXYZ alphabet made from sea glass shells and beachcombing finds 

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A: Aqua, B: Barnacles, C: Crustaceans, D: Driftwood, E: Echinoderms, F: Feathers, G: Glass, H: Hagstones, I: Irish moss seaweed, J: Jasper, K: Killick, L: Limpets, M: Metal, N: Necro, O: O-shaped rocks, P: Periwinkles, Q: Quartz, R: Rope, S: Seashells, T: Texture, U: Urchins, V: Vintage, W: Waved Whelks, X: X-shaped rocks, Y: Yellow, Z: Zillion.

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This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine July/August 2022 issue.


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