Fishing Rope Wreath

By Lori-lee Thomas

wreath made with rope found on the beach

supplies to make a fishing line wreath


  • Fishing rope (preferably found on the beach)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Metal wreath form
  • Protective gloves (gardening gloves work in a pinch)
  • Extra spooky critters and nets


attaching fishing rope found on beach to a wire wreath frame

  1. Flip the wreath form over and hot glue a piece of rope to itself on the back.

hot glue beach rope onto wreath frame

  1. Continue wrapping the piece of rope tightly, gluing the end to the back of the wrapped rope. Continue with another piece by gluing it to the previous rope end until the wreath is covered.

wrape wire wreath form with plastic rope from beach

  1. Overlap different types of rope and stagger contrasting colors to make for an interesting wreath.

plastic spider

Pro tip: For this wreath I used black and orange rope for Halloween, but I also added bits of netting and plastic spiders for extra spookiness.

Get creative and have a Happy Beachoween!

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All photos by Lori-lee Thomas.

This article appeared in Beachcombing Volume 38: September/October 2023. 

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