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By Kirsti Scott

czech glass charm animal rainbow collection

A collection of antique glass cracker charms (Laura Clarice Webb /

When Katerina came across a blue glass figurine on the beach on Jersey in the Channel Islands in 2009, she wondered where it came from and what it was. Worn down by the waves, it was impossible for her to figure out where her beautiful piece of sea glass came from.

glass czech cracker charm blue

Sea glass figurine found by Katerina in Jersey.

Fast forward 14 years, and Katerina saw the cover of Beachcombing Magazine Volume 33 and she gasped! There was her figurine’s twin (almost!) on the cover. On the cover she saw Suzy Casement’s beautiful blue glass cat charm that she found oceans away in Australia.

beachcombing volume 33 with cat charm

Katerina sent me an email right away. “We just saw the cover of the magazine,” said Katerina. “We believe we found something like this in 2009 in the Channel Islands. Do you know any history of those animals?” Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, between England and France, with a mix of British and French cultures. It’s known for its beaches, cliffside walking trails, inland valleys and historic castles.

I shared a link to Czech Charms: The Glass Menagerie with Katerina and she knew that was what she had found. Her tiny sea glass find on this island between England and France was a Victorian trinket often found in English Christmas crackers from around 1890 to 1930.

“I have been researching online since you emailed,” said Katerina. She came across the photo of Laura Clarice Webb's Czech glass charm collection shown at the top of this page. “We believe it is a blue bulldog.” 

Laura Clarice Webb has a shop that specializes in eclectic vintage and antique jewelry and accessories. She has a beautiful collection of glass charms. “I have managed to amass a small zoo of antique glass cracker charms in all shapes, sizes, and colors,” said Laura. “I’m very fond of the tiny orange dog I’ve named ‘Squish’ and the green rabbit found in France for €2. Still waiting to find an elusive saphiret one that I’m sure exists…”

You can read about Suzy’s find of a Czech glass cat charm in the magazine cover photo.

As an animal lover, finding one of these on the beach is definitely on my bucket list. Congrats on the awesome beach find, Katerina, and thanks for sharing your rainbow collection, Laura!

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A few years ago I found a little yellow elephant on the beach in Broughty Ferry, Scotland, I’m SO please to find out what this is!
Beachcombing Magazine replied:
Ooh! I’d love to see your elephant!


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