Beachcombing in Florida with SWF Beach Life

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If you have always wanted to go shelling in Florida, join Sharmon Simonetti from SWF Beach Life for a fun trip to Florida beaches to learn more about the shells and creatures there. It's a fun escape to the beaches of Florida.

You can watch Beachcombing in Florida with SWF Beach Life and replay the live chat with Sharmon and everyone who watched the premiere on YouTube.

Q&A with Sharmon Simonetti

Beachcombing Club hosted a live Q&A with Sharmon after the premiere, where they asked her about her beachcombing adventures, favorite finds, and got a peek at more of her seashell collection.

seashell giveaway

Congratulations to Kathleen, who asked a question in the YouTube live chat and took home an selection of Florida seashells from Sharmon's collection.

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No live shelling: Be sure shells are empty and sand dollars, sea stars, and sea urchins are no longer alive before you bring them home.

Sharmon Simonetti

Sharmon moved from New Jersey to Fort Myers, Florida, in 2019 and works for a medical device company. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and has always enjoyed photography and videography. Sharmon spends her free time at the beach or working on her passion project, the SWF Beach Life YouTube channel. Articles ›

Thanks to Beachcombing Club

This reception and video were made possible by Beachcombing Club members. Beachcombing Club is a community of beachcombers who meet and interact with other beachcombers, share and learn new things, and get access to members-only content. Learn about Beachcombing Club ›

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Hi Sharmon. I watch your videos all the time. I’m going to Marco on 10/28. I’ve been to Dickmans twice with reel kind. I notice you like Kice island. Ali SWFl goes there a lot. Which island trip would you recommend for me this time? And how many hours?
Thank you

Robin Russo October 11, 2023

I love watching your shell shows! I live in Minnesota so it’s exciting to get to see all your warm sea shows! Especially now that it just keep snowing.
My question is what do you do with all your shells? I just keep thinking where do you keep them all? Lol
They are just so beautiful! I am really learning the names of the shells in my own collection. The horse conchs are so beautiful! The cool shark eyes, especially, the Paul Newman eyes and moon shark! Awesome.
Thank you for sharing. Keep on going to the beach and shelling!
Your friend,

Lyn April 04, 2023

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