9 Tips for Beach Festivals

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Whether you’ve been to dozens of coastal festivals or you’re planning on going to your first beach glass festival, here are 9 ways to get the most out of your festival days. See the latest list of upcoming festivals.


1. Buy tickets ahead. Save time on the day of the show by taking advantage of ticket pre-sales. When you get to the show, you can get in line to enter right away.

2. Get there early. People love getting to the festival early on the first day to have first crack at artists’ new pieces. Consider spending a few extra bucks if the festival offers an early bird ticket so you can visit all the booths before the crowd arrives. Otherwise, plan on arriving at least a half hour before the doors open.

3. Get ready to shop. Many vendors have brand-new items that they have just created and that you can’t get online yet. Bring a reusable bag to carry home your purchases. And, bring cash or a credit/debit card to pay, as many vendors don’t take checks.

4. Bring your treasures. If there’s a contest, read You Be the Judge to help you select the pieces most likely to catch a judge’s eye and win a prize.

5. Plan your day. Check the show program as soon as you get there to plan your schedule around any activities, contests, entertainment, and lectures. Some venues have limited seating for lectures so be sure to grab your seat well before the start of the talk. Some festivals post the schedule and program online before the show (like the International Sea Glass Festival) so start planning now!

6. Explore. Visit your favorite vendors first, then walk through the entire show three times: once to check everyone out, second to narrow things down, and third to buy your favorites. Just be aware that if you don’t buy a one-of-a-kind piece the first time around, it might not be there when you get back!

7. Be a tourist. Leave time to visit the area and the fun local sights. Most beachcombing festivals are held in locations that have local beaches, fun restaurants, and more.

8. Meet up IRL. Post on social media with the festival hashtag so friends know you’ll be at there. It’s a great way to meet your online friends for real!

9. Make a weekend of it. If you have time, stay overnight and buy a two-day ticket to the show. It’s great to meet up with friends you met at the show in the evening and enjoy the local area.

Most importantly: Have fun!

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This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine May/June 2019 issue

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