Beachcombing Seconds Sale - Imperfect Back Issues - FREE U.S. Shipping

$5.99 $9.99

Embrace imperfection!

Sometimes magazines arrive to us and they are in less-than-perfect condition. Or they get damaged when we open the box or stock them in shop. Or they are returned to us when someone hasn't updated their address.

While we love our beach finds to be tumbled and tossed by the waves, it's not ideal in a printed magazine, so we usually don't sell these imperfect copies.

However, many people don't mind a bent corner, a small tear, scuffed cover, or residue from a sticker on the cover. If you're one of those people who care more about what's inside than defects on the outside, this seconds sale is for you! We promise you they're just as fun to read on the inside.

When you purchase these issues, we will pick out the very best of the seconds to mail to you. Many of them are practically perfect, and some are actually completely undamaged (we just kept a few too many in the archives). We'll send out the best ones first. After that, you'll get the best of what we have until they are gone. Email us if you have questions about what type of damage is on any particular issues.

We expect that these will go pretty quickly so don't wait too long!

FREE U.S. Shipping. If you purchase 2 or more magazines, they ship free in the U.S. via Priority Mail.

List of Issues:

  1. July 2017 - SOLD OUT
  2. August 2017 - SOLD OUT
  3. November 2017 - SOLD OUT
  4. January/February 2018 - SOLD OUT
  5. March/April 2018 - SOLD OUT
  6. May/June 2018 - SOLD OUT
  7. July/August 2018 - SOLD OUT
  8. September/October 2018
  9. November/December 2018 - SOLD OUT
  10. January/February 2019 - SOLD OUT
  11. March/April 2019 - SOLD OUT
  12. May/June 2019 - SOLD OUT
  13. July/August 2019 - SOLD OUT
  14. September/October 2019 - SOLD OUT
  15. November/December 2019 - SOLD OUT
  16. January/February 2020
  17. March/April 2020 - SOLD OUT
  18. May/June 2020 - SOLD OUT
  19. July/August 2020 - SOLD OUT
  20. September/October 2020 - On Sale
  21. November/December 2020 - SOLD OUT
  22. January/February 2021
  23. March/April 2021 - On Sale
  24. May/June 2021 - On Sale
  25. July/August 2021 - Available

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