Beachcombing Colanders for Washing Beach Finds - Set of 2 - FREE U.S. Shipping

$14.99 $17.99

These collapsible travel strainers for washing your seashells, beach glass, rocks, and more are foldable, compact baskets for cleaning and draining your finds.

This set of two aqua blue and gray crushable strainers is perfect for bringing with you to the beach, on vacation, or using back home to clean your beach finds. Each colander pops up to hold all your beach treasures while you wash and rinse them, then holds them while the water drains out the bottom. When you're done, you can collapse them down to stack them for storage or to pack in your suitcase.

These colanders are small enough to bring along in your backpack to the beach and big enough to hold a day's worth of finds for rinsing and drying. These cute turquoise blue strainers are dishwasher safe, heat resistant, and lightweight.

Great for the beach, travel, and home!

• Set of 2 colanders
• Dishwasher safe
• Silicone
• Collapse down to less than 2 inches high