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Kristin Batista and Virginia Whitted

Making Framed Art Using Sea Glass and Epoxy

A step-by-step guide on how to use your favorite beachcombing finds to make beautiful framed sea glass/beach art with epoxy. List of supplies ›

Kristin Batista and Virginia Whitted are the founders of Seaglass & Serenity, whose mission is to provide a relaxing beachside destination for women to experience a rejuvenating weekend connecting with other women, incorporating seaglassing, yoga, and art into the journey towards relaxation peace and balance. Kristin is a wife and mother of two, as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over twenty-five years of experience helping people improve their lives and incorporate mindfulness and healthy practices into their everyday lives. She believes that an important element to healthy living is to find something that you are so passionate about that you lose track of time doing it. Virginia is a mother of three, artist, yoga teacher, and healer. Originally from Argentina with a degree in early childhood education, she taught special needs students for many years before embarking on her new teaching journey.  She realized that combining yoga, the beach and seaglassing was the perfect balance to live a life more full of passion and mindfulness.


Mary Beth Beuke

Pacific Road Trip

Join Mary Beth and friends as we pop the top on the beachy convertible and take you along a thousand mile journey of vast, rugged Pacific Coast shores. In a narrated video featuring beaches, coves, tidelines and trails we search and share sea glass beauty, glass floats, shells and driftwood. MB will intersperse the trek with juicy, gorgeous rarities and stories of finds from Mexico to Alaska, the Pacific Islands, Japan and more specimens from the luscious West Coast Sea Glass collection.

Mary Beth Beuke is longtime owner, collector, artist, and author at She is a native of the Pacific Northwest, US, and has been hiking, kayaking and traversing beaches across the globe for a lifetime. Mary Beth is a founding board member of, and was instrumental in getting the North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA) and festivals organized as well as serving as a long-time shard competition judge. She served as president of the NASGA from 2005-2010. She is a sought-after lecturer, award winning business owner and photographer, and is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass. She and the West Coast Sea Glass team are best known for their "extreme beachcombing" treks, a rare worldwide collection, and MB's sea glass identification skills. Website | Facebook | Instagram


Pat and JJ Caldwell

Oceancombing for treasure ~ Ocean Safety Tips

Underneath the water is a whole new world of hunting for Sea Glass and empty shells. It’s not without its dangers though when you combined currents, waves, changing tides and rising swells. It can be done safety by knowing your limits. We will explore some lifesaving techniques and tips to make this underwater search more enjoyable.

Pat & JJ Caldwell both grew up in the Pacific where they have a combined 95 years of ocean experience. Both were ocean lifeguards in Hawai’i and California. Pat was one of the first professional bodyboarders in the sport starting in the 1980s where he was known especially for his big wave riding skills. Pat worked as Supervising State Park Peace Officer Lifeguard with California State Parks for many years where he taught ocean safety. JJ was one of the first women bodyboarders in the emerging sport in the 80s and was a competitive ocean swimmer. Both love to spend time free diving for empty sea shells and Seaglass are competitive with each other over who found the best item that day.  Facebook | Instagram

Richard LaMotte

Sea Glass Identification

Ready to learn more about the history hidden in your own sea glass treasures? Richard LaMotte will present an abundance of tips to identify the dates and origin of both common and unique shards. Collectors of all ages will enjoy finding ways to unlock the secrets found in sea glass.

Richard LaMotte is the author of the award-winning book Pure Sea Glass and its sequel The Lure of Sea Glass. He is co-founder and past president of the North American Sea Glass Association. Richard lives on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland where he began collecting sea glass in 1999. After researching glass history, and the science behind what creates sea glass, he published Pure Sea Glass in 2004. Since 2004 he traveled North America doing lectures and sea glass identification sessions. Richard and his book have been featured on Martha Stewart Living TV, in Coastal Living, Parade Magazine, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, on NPR and Maryland Public Television. BookArticles

Nicole Lind

Scottish Beach Pottery

Learn about where Nicole Lind lives and the kinds of things you can expect to find on her beaches in Scotland. She will share common and rare sea pottery finds in her collection. You'll learn about the history, production, different types of pottery, where pottery was made, and why you might find Scottish pottery on your beach at the other end of the world.

Nicole Lind loves collecting sea glass and beach treasures from the Scottish coast. She is passionate about learning about the history of sea pottery and her finds from a beach beyond a 13th-century castle ruin in the Kingdom of Fife. Nicole is the founder of TiliabytheSea sea glass jewelry, a trained architect, and an interior designer. Website | Facebook | Instagram | Articles

Mary T. McCarthy

Distinctive International Beach Finds

Join us as we learn some of the differences among glass, pottery, shells, fossils, and other finds as they are distinguished by the geographical areas where they’re found.

Beach Finds Mosaic Craft How-To

Sit back, grab a drink, and relax with this hands-on beach finds fun workshop as we create a fun seahorse, starfish, or flatlay from beach finds. List of supplies ›

Mary McCarthy is Education Chair and Secretary of the North American Sea Glass Association and Executive Director of The Beachcombing Center. She has spoken at the North American Sea Glass Festival, Santa Barbara Sea Glass Festival, International Beachcombing Conference, Northeast Sea Glass Expo, and more. Mary is a bestselling author who lives and beachcombs on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. WebsiteInstagram | Twitter | Facebook | Articles

View some finds in Mary's collection ›

Paula Newman

Seaham Sea Glass

Join Paula Newman, who hunts for sea glass in Seaham England, to learn more about Seaham, the beach, and history of the area. Learn about the Seaham Bottle Works and the unique multicolored pieces of sea glass found on the beaches of this North East English town.

Paula of lives in Seaham, England, and has been collecting sea glass since childhood. Seaham Beach has been the inspiration for The Legend of Mermaids Tears series and the Pocket Guide to Seaham Sea Glass, and companion guides. Website | InstagramArticles

Jason Sandy

Secrets of the Thames

In the River Thames in London, mudlarks have found some exquisite pieces of jewelry, from the Iron Age to Modern times, which reveal fascinating insights about the people who once wore them. Learn about these beautiful objects and where they came from, and learn about semi-precious gemstones found lying on the bottom of the River Thames today.

Jason is an American architect living and working in London. Beachcombing along the River Thames, he has found extraordinary artifacts, which are now on permanent display in museums around the United Kingdom. He is a member of the exclusive Society of Thames Mudlarks. InstagramArticles 

Christina Sawka

Japan’s reverse gems: A closer look at gems that are man-made but nature-refined in Japan

Japan is an island nation rich in culture and history. In Christina's talk, you'll learn about Japanese sea glass and fishing floats, including their origins, markings, patterns, and symbolism. This presentation will serve to help those interested to dive into the world of Japanese craftsmanship and its interaction with the waves of the ocean.

Australian born, Philippine raised, and now living in Japan. Christina has always loved the beach and all the gems it has to offer. With her beachcombing love in Japan, she continues to learn about Japanese maritime antiques, glass and pottery design, and history. She is the founder of Reverse.Gem, a coastal lifestyle brand with a passion for beachcombing solutions. WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

View some of Christina's tips on decorating with beach finds ›