Making Framed Art with Sea Glass and Epoxy

Kristin Batista and Virginia Whitted from Seaglass & Serenity showed how to create a framed art piece with beach finds and resin at the Virtual Beachcombing Festival on June 20, 2020. Following is a list of supplies you'll need for the project, some with a link where you can purchase the item, in case it is not available at a craft store that is convenient to you. 

Supply List:

  • Beach finds, such as sea glass, beach rocks, sea shells, and/or fossils.
  • Small picture frame with clear glass
  • Glass cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic covering for the surface you are working on to protect it
  • A business card or other flat tool that you can use to spread the epoxy
  • Optional: Cookie cutter 
  • Small plastic cups to mix epoxy
  • Wood Craft Sticks
  • Glue or Glaze to secure the glass to the frame
  • Two-Part Epoxy
  • Glue applicator bottle
  • Jumbo straw to remove bubbles

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Hi, Carol! I have added the video to this page now. Enjoy! Kirsti

Kirsti August 03, 2020

I just got my Beachcombing Mag today and just saw your page. I am sorry that I missed the seaglass picture tutorial. Is there any way I can see it now?
thank you.

Carol Peabody August 03, 2020

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