Beach Find Succulent Container Garden How-To Craft

succulent garden in beach found pottery

By Mary T. McCarthy

Beach finds make the perfect succulent and air plant garden containers for your home or office. They’re a great way to remember trips to the shoreline when you can’t be there. You can use items found at the beach like bottles, teacups, or other finds, then add sea glass, shells, and driftwood to your mini garden.

beach bottle air plants


beach container garden tutorial

  1. Choose a container and succulents or air plants to scale.
  2. Fill container with sand or with soil made specifically for cacti or succulents; it’s designed to drain quickly.
  3. Grab a chopstick left over from delivery night: they are a great tool for digging holes for your plants.
  4. Add taller plants to the back and shorter plants to the front.
  5. Use a sprayer that has a dual-head pinpoint spray tip for applying water accurately to soil or sand around plants. Don’t overwater! Succulents hate overwatering. Water once a week, in small amounts, depending on plant varieties. Rotate your plant occasionally in a windowsill to get bright light; not necessarily direct sunlight.

step-by-step beach craft succulents

Entire succulent plants can grow from a single leaf—propagating is easy and fun!

beach figurines with plants

Enjoy your living daily dose of vitamin sea!

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine May/June 2019 issue.

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